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Re: [turbobike] dragracing

K W (kw_46@hotmail.com)
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 22:38:10 PST

>The tricky thing here is our rules for racing.
>The marshals seems to have some trouble putting me in the right
>class. I mean, I have a street bike, no mods to the chassis.
>And there is a class for street bikes.=20
>But those assholes always puts me with the pro stocks,
>because I have a turbocharger!
>Is it like this for anyone else!?!?


Our street legal class is anything that has a treaded tire that is 
government approved (DOT) and has a canister,( baffle, muffler), and no 
wheelie bars can run in the street class.  We usually let anybody run 
because we have a shortage (average about 16) of bikes.  We do have two 
nights for different classes.  One night is an all run ET series, the 
other just street bikes.  We basically marshall ourselves so anyone who 
wants to race can!  The difference is street nights the track uses the 
full (.500) tree and the ET series uses the pro tree (.400).  This year 
to get more of the street bikes to the ET series nights the track is 
going to let have the option of the pro or full tree.  Hopefully, this 
will get more riders running the both nights.
Our track is a sanctioned NHRA track here in the U.S.  They are really 
good at letting us make our own rules, so maybe you can get everyone 
involved and see if you can't get them to let you in the street class.  
It only seems fair, we don't mind going against the Harley guys who use 

'92 ZX-7 (Not a turbocharged one yet, maybe one day!)

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