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Re: [turbobike] dragracing

Ove Osterlund (oveos@alcom.aland.fi)
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 14:56:47 +0200

At 11:14 PM 12/29/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello Ove
>What kind of turbo are you running? Intercooler, blow through?
>Have You built the system Yourself?
>Here in sweden there are some smaller races where you could
>run a turbo bike in a street class.
>I havent done any dragracing yet, but Iīm looking forward to
>enter some races next year.
>Christer J


My turbo is a german KKK, taken from an Audi A4 2.2 litre engine.
I have no idea of the spec. of the turbo, or what model it is.
I only know that the air intake on the compressor house is 45 mm.
I donīt use a intercooler, mainly because I donīt have one,
and the other reason for not using an intercooler is that I donīt
think it would make so much difference in power output.
At least not when you only is going to race a 1/8 mile strip.
I use a blowthrough based system, with a priority breather valve,
this will allow the engine to suck cold air pass the turbo before
boost is being build up.
I don't use a wastegate, I use a blow off valve instead.
My compression ratio is 9,5:1, I run the bike on
pump gas. (which were I live is 99 octane)
Maximum boost that I ran the bike on was 1 bar. (15 psi?)
Have no idea of the power output though, I havenīt had the
opportunity to dyno it. I can only say that, when having 1 bar of
boost, it feels like the arms is going to be ripped off your body!
I have built my turbo system myself, so I donīt have
so much experience about turbocharging yet.
Iīve understand that they usually modify the turbocharger
for use on motorcycles. What are these mods??

We are going to have the next race here on Åland at a preliminary
date set at 22nd May. We always have alot of swedes coming here
to race. We all talk swedish on Åland so the language is no problem.
Iīve now protested against running with pro stocks and such,
so now there might be a little chance of turbo street bikes to
be allowed to run with other street bikes.
I mean, they allow stock street bikes to run with bikes
that have 1427 cc big blocks!!