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[turbobike] dragracing

Ove Osterlund (oveos@alcom.aland.fi)
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 14:29:28 +0200

Hi again all!

First, I want to thank everybody for answering my question
about a fuel pressure regulator.

Are there more people here who do dragracing with their turbo
bikes except John?
I myself are doing some.
My times on the strip is not so good though, so I wonder if
anyone else have raced, and perhaps would like to tell about their times.
Here on Åland, Finland where I live we race on a 1/8 mile strip.

My bike is a 1986 GSX-R 1100, and the whole chassis is stock.
I ran with 10 psi of boost, because there is'nt much point having
300 hp on the rear wheel with a stock chassi. There is no way
you could control that power in the stock chassi.
Anyway, the bike wheelied like hell the whole strip, could never
use full throttle, and the best time was a poor 7.06 and top speed
174 km/h. For the next race, I´m going to lower the bike,
use a wider rear wheel, and extended swingarm.

The tricky thing here is our rules for racing.
The marshals seems to have some trouble putting me in the right
class. I mean, I have a street bike, no mods to the chassis.
And there is a class for street bikes. 
But those assholes always puts me with the pro stocks,
because I have a turbocharger!

Is it like this for anyone else!?!?