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Re: [turbobike] Magna-charger

Mon, 22 Nov 1999 07:54:56 -0500

The only Magnacharger I have is on my bike.  I didn't know they offered 'em for
Magnas (although the name seems to fit).  I would suggest however that you
decide what you really want before embarking (blower or turbo).  It's a long
road and you want to have a clear destination from the start (as much as
possible anyway).

You could always post a want ad.....

V65MagnaRider@aol.com on 11/22/99 01:42:22 AM

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Subject:  [turbobike] Magna-charger

Seeing as you guys seem to have the contacts I'll ask this:
 Does anyone know where I can lay my hands on a Magnacharger supercharger for
a V65 Magna. They quit making them in the 80's, but there has to one lying
around somewhere.   Currently I'm building a nitrous motor for the bike, kept
the stock bore and pistons for reliability and cost reduction. Different cams
along with alot of cryogenic hardening and balancing of parts, titanium
spring seats and keepers, and stage two cams, porting of the heads and a
hybrid exhaust were a neccesity. Head oiling has been modified for more
pressure and the transmission has been beefed to prevent more problems with
2nd gear.
 Maybe a turbo next year?  :-)