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Re: [turbobike] Dyno results- RB ZX-11

Christer Johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 17:27:28 +0200

Very impressive numbers at those boost levels!
What kind of turbo are You using, A/R, inducer diameter,
exducer diameter etc etc?
Air to air intercooler?

Best regards / Christer

shammar@nsk-corp.com skrev:

> I finally got to the dyno Saturday with the RB Racing turbo'd ZX-11.  Since the
> bike will be truly street ridden for potentially long distances I stuck with 94
> octane pump gas, no octane boost and no water injection.  Maximum boost was set
> at 12psi, and we just did a baseline of my "seat-of-the-pants" fuel map.
> The motor has a stock top end with reduced compression via a large base gasket.
> An initial run with ten psi netted about 225 Hp.  This is the boost level I
> normally run on the street.  Results with 12psi were 265.3 Hp @ 10,700 rpm and
> 134.3 ft.lb. @ 10,300 rpm.  Based on these numbers and the way the curve leveled
> off, I expect more Hp at the same boost level with more fuel added to the curve
> up top.  A new map was generated Saturday night which I would've tested on the
> street Sunday, but I realized that my tire was starting to show cords.....
> Needless to say I'm extremely pleased with these numbers so far.  I don't see
> much point in any additional power for my application (stock wheelbase street
> bike) since with 10 psi the fuel tank has an annoying habit of slamming you in
> the stomach, and 3rd gear corner exits result in 80 foot black marks with the
> bike getting remarkably sideways at over 100 mph.  Time to stage the
> wastegate.....
> Happy Boosting
> Bob