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[turbobike] Dyno results- RB ZX-11

Mon, 21 Jun 1999 08:21:25 -0400

I finally got to the dyno Saturday with the RB Racing turbo'd ZX-11.  Since the
bike will be truly street ridden for potentially long distances I stuck with 94
octane pump gas, no octane boost and no water injection.  Maximum boost was set
at 12psi, and we just did a baseline of my "seat-of-the-pants" fuel map.

The motor has a stock top end with reduced compression via a large base gasket.
An initial run with ten psi netted about 225 Hp.  This is the boost level I
normally run on the street.  Results with 12psi were 265.3 Hp @ 10,700 rpm and
134.3 ft.lb. @ 10,300 rpm.  Based on these numbers and the way the curve leveled
off, I expect more Hp at the same boost level with more fuel added to the curve
up top.  A new map was generated Saturday night which I would've tested on the
street Sunday, but I realized that my tire was starting to show cords.....

Needless to say I'm extremely pleased with these numbers so far.  I don't see
much point in any additional power for my application (stock wheelbase street
bike) since with 10 psi the fuel tank has an annoying habit of slamming you in
the stomach, and 3rd gear corner exits result in 80 foot black marks with the
bike getting remarkably sideways at over 100 mph.  Time to stage the

Happy Boosting