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Re: [turbobike] SHURflo pumps suck

Tim Drew (timdrew@cix.co.uk)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 05:59 +0100 (BST)

Thanks for the reply Jeff,

> Sounds like maybe your oil volume to the turbo is excessive
> or the pump is pulling air instead of oil,...

For testing I've temporally fitted transparent pipes to the oil return 
system, so I know that pumps definitely pulling oil.

> I would put a 3/16"  restrictor  in the turbo oil supply line to
> limit volume, not pressure.

Well I'm supplying the oil to the turbo via dash 4 (7/32"ID) hose which is 
reduced slightly where it's pushed over a barb type fitting on the turbo. 
So I think the supply is already restricted to 3/16", or there abouts. 
However what you say does make some sense because the system seems to work 
fine until the oil gets hot, and I guess less viscus. I could try 
restricting the flow still further and monitoring the pressure with a 
gauge fitted between the restricter and the turbo. I'll check to see what 
min and max oil pressure Garret recommend for the T3.

Thank for the pointer Jeff.


Tim Drew
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