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Re: [turbobike] My New Bike

Steve Leonard (sleonard@buffnet.net)
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 20:18:07 -0400

     Who makes Fuel injected turbo-systems, other than Mr. Turbo.
I know about Hahn Racecraft, but he seems to be leaning more toward the
Foreign car stuff.
And we all know about RB racing...........
Mr Turbo has a decent unit for my ZX-11, but I have a problem with his ECM
theory. He uses 6 potentiometers to adjust the fuel curves instead of a
laptop and software. I'm having horrible flash backs to the Pogue "Pro-Flo"
days on my ole'1984 GPZ1100.
I have a vintage Haltach F3 that is 10 years old that at least uses DOS
software. and after using a MoTeC M4 Pro, I'm spoiled.
Does anybody make a complete turbo kit with software programmable EFI?

I tried getting Mr Turbo to "piece" me out a Kit, so I could choose my own
EFI, but they wanted over $6500 this way vs the $5200 for the kit. Any

Steve L.
Buffalo, NY

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From: Rick <gsxr1100@ptw.com>
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Date: Sunday, June 13, 1999 10:05 AM
Subject: [turbobike] My New Bike

>I just picked up my new hayabusa yesterday and WOW what a motor
>I can't wait I turbo this thing.
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