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Re: [turbobike] RB racing???

Tue, 15 Jun 1999 09:11:53 -0400

I actually did receive my kit, but we badgered them weekly until they were sick
of us.  I put my deposit down in Jan. '98 and received the kit in September.  I
had some trouble with the calibration being way too rich, and finally received
an updated chip and software last month, which apparently took into account the
shorter response time of the Lucas vs. Bosch injectors.  At this point I've come
to the conclusion that the large injectors supplied with the kit still will not
give me the around-town manners I want, and I'm going to downsize.  I don't need
eight 42 lb/hr injectors on a streetbike.  I'll save those for the day I go top
speed racing.

I must say that all of the RB hardware is top notch, as is the software package
and tunability of the system.  All of the little touches like the waste gate
dumping back into the exhaust, the air priority valve, dry break fuel return,
lighted Autometer boost gage, staged injectors, OEM quality wiring harness,
etc., etc. are the best you could ask for.  You have full control over warm-up
curves, temperature compensation, acceleration fueling, etc.  It'll even run
closed loop EGT if you replace the O-sensor with a thermocouple.  I have a Mr.
Turbo EFI ZX-11 system sitting on the bench which I picked up from a guy who
took out his crank and gave up on the project.  That system brings to mind words
like crude, archaic, etc. and dollar-for-dollar pales in comparison to the RB
stuff.  You really don't get much, although it may be worth it to many people if
it is really bolt-on.  It really isn't EFI since it's totally open loop and
doesn't have any compensation for temperature or anything.  To start it the
directions tell you to hold down the enrichening button until it fires, then go
to 3500 rpm for 2 minutes.  Seems more like an electronic carburetor.  Don't
know if I'll try it on something or sell it.

The toughest part is getting anything from RB.  Of course, a friend ordered a
simple draw through from Mr. Turbo for his FJ in May of '98, and still doesn't
have it.....

These guys must just have too much business.


"RINO OLSEN" <rino.olsen@c2i.net> on 06/11/99 07:16:38 PM

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I am Rino from Norway.
I am new at this list, but i noticed that other people out there had problems
with RB.
I have been waiting 3 1/2 years for my Turbo kit, to my Harley.
Have anyone actually received what they ordered from RB? And after how long

Ride safe, turbo power.

(Apology for my writing errors)