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[turbobike] 1/4 mile gearing

Jon Jarosz (jjarosz@camhydro.com)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 09:42:02 -0400

I have a quick question for those who have more drag racing experience than 
I.  I'm going out racing on Wednesday night, and it's been two years since 
I was last out (motor go boom).  I've changed the gearing on my FJ to a 
16-tooth front sprocket, and a 47-tooth rear.  The bike makes around 130 
bhp on the dyno without the nitrous, and 200 with.  I've noticed, while out 
ripping around, that the bike tops out at around 200 km/h.  Given speedo, 
tach error, etc, that could be anywhere from 190 to 210, maybe 230 km/h, I 
don't know - I'm not always looking down at the tach when I'm going that 
fast down a country road or highway.

Nitrous notwithstanding, and given my lack of experience, will I run out of 
motor before I go through the traps?  Anyone ever experienced this problem? 
 This is something I never even thought of.

Thanks in advance,

Jonny Nitrous