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Re: [turbobike] pumping oil through the turbo

Tim Drew (timdrew@cix.co.uk)
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 18:07 +0100 (BST)

I'm not fully conversant with the water cooled GSX-R11 motor but I think 
your going to run into serious problems with your suggested plumbing.

1) You say there is pressure in the oil cooler lines, but is this full 
engine oil pressure and is this pressure there all the time. For example 
is the oil cooler thermostatically controlled.

2) You say the oil pan is lower than the turbo, but if your mounting the 
turbo in the conventional position I'll bet you can't mount it high enough 
so as the discharge pipe is above the actual oil level. Bear in mind the 
oil level (without the engine running) is up to the sight glass in the 
clutch cover.

3) I don't know but I suspect if you supply the oil cooler directly from 
the oil gallery beneath the ignition cover without some sort of 
restriction in the pipe you may well find you significantly reduce the 
pressure to the bearings. 


You can return the oil from the oil cooler or turbo to virtually any where 
you like, a good and simple location could be a pipe fitting welded to 
your clutch cover just above the oil level sight glass. This is the 
location I used on my old draw-through system.

I would suggest when you re-locate you oil cooler you plumb it to the 
existing pipe fittings. You can then take a pressure feed for the turbo 
from the oil gallery below the ignition cover using -4 hose. If you can 
genuinely mount the turbo above the oil level then all well and good the 
oil can gravity drain back to the oil pan, but if you can't you will have 
to find a way to scavenge the oil back. This can be done in a number of 
ways, Rick and Christer both use the engines own oil pump via a reed valve 
or venturi to create a mild suction, but I'm going to use an electric pump 
on my air/oil cooled GSX-R. If you find a better way please let me know.

If you get chance get yourself a copy of Joe Haile's book 'Motorcycle 
Turbocharging, Supercharging & Nitrous Oxide'. This book doesn't give all 
the answers but will point you in the right direction and give you some 
idea of what can be achieved.

Good luck with your project... 


Tim Drew

> Hi Rick,I came up with an idea,since my motor (gsxr 1100wp '93) is
> both water and oil cooled,I was thinking that I could remove the oil
> cooler from it's present location in front of the oil filter and
> reposition it
>  to make room for the turbo.
> At the same time I can use the oil lines that go to the oil cooler for
> the turbo,(since there is pressure in those lines) I don't think the
> turbo will flood with oil because the return line from the turbo goes
> straight to the oil pan wich is located lower than the turbo,saving me
> time and headaches!Now If i'm going to keep the oil cooler,I have to
> get oil to it and back,not worying that  it will flood, I will take
> oil from the oil gally under the ignition advancer, route it to the
> cooler,and return it ????? Where would be a good spot to return the
> oil from the cooler?Tell me what you think of this idea.
> I hope you understand what i'm trying to say...
> Thanks Rick!
> always a big help!
> if anyone else knows what to do,please send me your thoughts...
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