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Tim Drew (timdrew@cix.co.uk)
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 16:58 +0100 (BST)


Against all advice I gravity feed the S&S Shorty Super-E carburetor on my 
old GSX-R11 draw-through system. I used a Pingle fuel tap and a fairly 
short length of 3/8 fuel hose. The system was set up for 18psi boost and I 
never experienced any lean running, although it has to be said the Super-E 
has got an incredibly large float bowl.

BTW, I wouldn't recommend using a S&S Shorty Super-E for street use. My 
old draw-through turbo system ran really well on boost, but like a heap of 
shit at low speed - An absolute nightmare in slow moving traffic - And 
that's after spending a lot of time attempting to set the damn thing up.


Tim Drew

> Now a turbo-related question: I've got an old American Turbo-Pak kit
> that I plan to use on my old Kaw with a KZ1000 motor. The kit includes
> an electric fuel pump to feed the Zenith carb. I used to run my Kaw
> without a battery, using a capacitor to smooth out the current flow. I'm
> slightly concerned about the electrical load of the fuel pump and would
> prefer it if I could get away without using it. This will be on a street
> bike with a mostly stock motor. I intend to keep boost pressures low. Do
> you think I could get decent performance without the fuel pump? While
> I'm at it, is there any carb that would be significantly better than the
> Zenith for a street bike?
> Regards,
> Pat Inniss
> inniss@sprynet.com
> http://home.sprynet.com/~inniss/