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Re: [turbobike] [Fwd: Another Virus Warning...]

Patrick Inniss (inniss@sprynet.com)
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:23:11 -0700

Actually this "It Takes Guts to Say 'Jesus'" warning is just another
virus hoax. You usually can tell when they say that the virus is capable
of doing all sorts of improbable things regardless of your operating
system, and all you have to do is open an e-mail message. Such critters
just don't exist. Since this hoax specifically mentioned IBM, they've
put up a web page about it at


You may also want to bookmark this good virus hoax page:


Now a turbo-related question: I've got an old American Turbo-Pak kit
that I plan to use on my old Kaw with a KZ1000 motor. The kit includes
an electric fuel pump to feed the Zenith carb. I used to run my Kaw
without a battery, using a capacitor to smooth out the current flow. I'm
slightly concerned about the electrical load of the fuel pump and would
prefer it if I could get away without using it. This will be on a street
bike with a mostly stock motor. I intend to keep boost pressures low. Do
you think I could get decent performance without the fuel pump? While
I'm at it, is there any carb that would be significantly better than the
Zenith for a street bike?


Pat Inniss