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[turbobike] TURBO KAWASAKI Z1 900

mr1 (mtl911@stic.net)
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:15:03 -0500

hi guys,
i'm trying to put together a fast turbo streetbike, on pump gas, running
8-10 psi boost, but don't want to go overboard on high performance race
parts if they aren't necessary. i basically want my power to be in the
low and midrange area.
i just purchased a turbo kit from MR TURBO. the turbo is a draw through
Rayjay, .40 turbine, with a 39.6mm S&S Super E Shorty Carb.
i want to purchase a 1075 Piston Kit. the guys at Mr Turbo recommend a
9:1 compression ratio. Will this give me the results i'm trying to
achieve? i want more lower and midrange power, i'm willing to sacrifice
top end performance
if anyone can help me out i'd really appreciate it.