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Re: [turbobike] damn crank still frozen, case is somewhat open...3:32am...

Abraham Mara (AbeFM@dis.member.org)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 02:16:12 -0000

If it gets THAT desperate, I have the book for the gs 400 from the late
sventies, early eighties.  But I'm too tired now to even find it.  If you're
still stuck tomorow, let me know.  I'll see if there's anyhting that looks
useful/releveant 20 years later.  And, I live in Santa Barbara, CA, and go
to school for phsics.  In the bay area alot, too, dave.
>nothing else.  anyone w/ any suzuki enxperience, especially GS550's, please
>let me know what the Hell i'm doing wrong/right.  i'll call a guy in town