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Re: [turbobike] Plugs

Abraham Mara (AbeFM@dis.member.org)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 02:19:14 -0000

Another, really simple solution may just be to check the plugs for excesive
buildup.  Sometimes, a good cleaning can do WONDERS.  If you have an air
compressor at home, you can buy a spark plug cleaner which does the trick.
A blow torch is another easy way to clean them, to some extent.  But me, I
ussualy use dentistry tools, or a small scraper.  Good luck with it.
>I have a turbo Blackbird and seem to be going through plugs.
>Currently, when I ride the beast on low boost, which is everyday
use, I use
>pump gas.  When I want balls to the walls, it's VP's C-16 in a 50/50
>I generally run High Boost about once a month.  What I am noticing
is that
>the bike tends to pick up sputters during low boost that really
>there in high boost.  However, to fix these, I just replace the
plugs.  I
>have had to replace the plugs after a tankful of pump gas.  Seeing
>these are the friggin platinum plugs, $36 for the plugs and $6 for
the gas
>each time is not that economical.  Anyone have any ideas?

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