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Re: [turbobike] Plugs

Robert Miles (rmzalbar@hotmail.com)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 01:38:51 PDT

About your plug problems.  IN GENERAL, platinum plugs are not 
recommended for turbocharging, especially high boost.  The reason for 
this is that the platinum has greater resistance, and will cause 
misfires easier than standard plugs.  Platinum is great for wear, and 
are intended for stock vehicles that aren't serviced very often.  
Just use standard plugs and change them often.  Generally, a turbo 
bike will crap up/eat up any set of plugs pretty quickly, platinum or 
no.  So save yourself some money and enjoy more consistent 
performance.  These are just suggestions on turbocharging in general.

Rob Miles

>I have a turbo Blackbird and seem to be going through plugs.  
>Currently, when I ride the beast on low boost, which is everyday 
use, I use
>pump gas.  When I want balls to the walls, it's VP's C-16 in a 50/50 
>I generally run High Boost about once a month.  What I am noticing 
is that
>the bike tends to pick up sputters during low boost that really 
>there in high boost.  However, to fix these, I just replace the 
plugs.  I
>have had to replace the plugs after a tankful of pump gas.  Seeing 
>these are the friggin platinum plugs, $36 for the plugs and $6 for 
the gas
>each time is not that economical.  Anyone have any ideas?

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