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[turbobike] damn crank still frozen, case is somewhat open...3:32am...

Dave Schumpert (porsche_boy@vt.edu)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 03:50:43 +0600

Hello all,
let me start by saying i know a Hell of a lot more about turbos and fuel
injected bike motors than i do the internals of my boat anchor '83 Suzuki
GS550E.  i think Mr. Suzuki was drunk when he designed this shitbox of a
center chain engine, especially when he decided to add really wierd and
seemingly out of place shims on the crank that look like 1/8" thick discs w/
the centers cut out, chopped in 2 so they'll fit around the crank.  i
finally got the beast seperated more than before around 2am, and i can now
see that one of these discs is lodged between the crank and the bottom half
of the case, hence the complete and total lack of rotation by the crank.
what i'm pondering now is why the case won't completely split so i can get
in there and pull the bastard disc half out and replace it.  of course, it
could have fallen from somewhere else, or not be meant to go there, i dunno.
it is on the #2 cylinder i believe, so long as zukis are numbered the same
as F2/3's, an engine I am MUCH more familiar with, especially since i've
dynoed the better beasts for 100+ hours of running the past two years as
well as used them as our competition motor in the VT FSAE car.  anyways,
enough rambling already, it's 3:37am, and i have a project to finish up, and
a test in 10 hours in a very boring class.  i thought that the center
pistons skirts might be catching on the case as i tried to get it fully
apart, but there seems to be 1/2" to spare, and the thing just won't come
apart.  i removed the plugs, and right now, the seam is about 2" or so
apart.  i also removed the cams, carefully sticking the cam caps and bolts
in my parts box lid and labeling them.  so, the cam chain is definitely not
holding the crank in the motor.  i was guessing it could be the chain guide
on the intake side, but i don't see how that would affect the crank as it
pivots at the bottom, and is pushed on by the tensioner and chain, and
nothing else.  anyone w/ any suzuki enxperience, especially GS550's, please
let me know what the Hell i'm doing wrong/right.  i'll call a guy in town
tomorrow, but i'm really trying to have the motor back together by wednesday
afternoon, or at least get the new disc things and a new #2 main bearing in
case it got scarred or bent by the stupid disc things by friday, as i want
to ride my bike legally back down to school after my friend's SCCA race on
sunday afternoon.  if i can get it split tomorrow, there's hope, otherwise
it will be left for two weekends from now.  well, i don't imagine many of
you are up at this hour, but when you do wake up, pick your brain and see if
anything falls out. speaking of falling out, i may have kind of left a spark
plug gapping disc inside the case when i last put it back together.  either
that or it climbed out of my closet of my parts box.  probobaly the latter
as it didn't appear to have any scratches/gashes in it as evidence of being
stuck in the case and jammed against the crank or something.  well, sorry
for the ridiculous length of this garble.  any help would be greatly
appreciated.  thanks.  take it easy, and hope you don't have luck like mine.
Dave Schumpert
'95-'98 VT Motorsports Formula SAE cars (where i get all my F2/FI/turbo/dyno
'73 914 2.0 (need to reseal the tranny this weekend)
'83 Suzuki GS550E (frozen crank and all, i'm paying insurance, i want to
ride it!)
'88 Reynard F2000 crew/slave (what i was working on all this weekend)

does anyone out there wipe blood from their motorcycle inflicted flesh
wounds on their bike as a momento?  we've been doing it on the FSAE car's
"Toledo High Speed Meat Saw" sign by the rear sprocket for years.  kind of a
late night thing, i imagine...
i guess it's time for some sleep...