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Re: [turbobike] turbocharging a 1074 gsxr

Rick (gsxr1100@ptw.com)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 20:22:41 -0700

Hi George

> Hi my name is George and I live in montreal,Canada.
> I have a nitrous injected 1100 gsxr in a 750 frame.The bike made
> 137.5hp at the wheel and 190.2 with NOS.Quarter mile time was 10.16
> @147mph.I know want to turbocharge but I need some info.I'm aiming at
> 210-240hp with stock internals.What turbo can I use that I can scavenge
> from a car?Can I use my stock 38mm carbs and do I have to modify
> anything?My friend is a machinist and he owns a tig welder.We will
> fabricate the headers and intake.Can a T-3 garrett be used?

The T-3 will work 

> How do i get the oil to the turbo and back to the engine?

Tap into the main oil gally plug on the right side below the ignition cover
if you mount the turbo high enough you can drain into your clutch cover
if you have to use a pump or use the suction from the engine oil pump
to draw the oil out.

Do I need an
> oil pump?How can I lower the compression using stock pistons?

leave the compression alone 
I run mine stock with 26PSI

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