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Re: [turbobike] IHI compressor maps

Lorcan Parnell (lorcan@mail.globalnet.co.uk)
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 14:00:29 -0000

I got a similar response when i spoke to Allied Signal (UK) about Garrett
turbos. The guy said they had over 3000 maps on file from all the different
combinations and specs they had made over the years and just asking for a
map for a T3 was no good - they would need the part number of the particular
turbo you had and even then weren't interested in digging out the map for
you! And this guy was a biker so was relatively helpful!


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From: Stuart Graves
To: turbo
Sent: 14 December 1999 10:53
Subject: [turbobike] IHI compressor maps

Can,t get hold of any compressor maps to show the diff. between rhb52 vj11
turbo and rhb51 vj08. Aust. stockist says they are confidential!(read can,t
be bothered!).
  Anyone out there have acces to ,or able to recommend where I can obtain
from?.Thanks Stuart.