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Re: [turbobike] IHI compressor maps

Tue, 14 Dec 1999 08:24:49 -0500

As an aside, the turbonetics website has quite a few maps listed, mostly for
Garretts.  They print out quite nicely.  They don't have the one Stuart needs,
though.  I was looking for a map for a cute little RH05 I have on the shelf (I'm
guessing it's only about 200 cfm max - perfect for a 125 Hp 500cc Ascot project
or something).

By the way, did anyone see the import car drag race on ESPN2 Sunday?  Some of
those little things fly!!!  9.20s@162 in street trim!  They sound good too.
Kinda makes me want to get a CRX and turbo it for those days it's too cold to

Bryan <bgoodwin@iquest.net> on 12/14/99 08:05:18 AM

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Subject:  Re: [turbobike] IHI compressor maps

If he'll talk to you, you might try Hahn Racecraft. They used to stock IHI
turbos and he once offered to me the maps for a couple of different units.
Good luck (he's a dick).

At 09:53 PM 12/14/99 +1100, Stuart Graves wrote:
>   Can,t get hold of any compressor maps to show the diff.  between rhb52
>vj11 turbo and rhb51 vj08. Aust. stockist says they are  confidential!(read
>can,t be bothered!).   Anyone out there have acces to ,or able to recommend
> where I can obtain them from?.Thanks Stuart.
FZR1000 turbo EFI
(aka The Money Pit)