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Re: [turbobike] studs

J. Allan (beak@seaside.net)
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 07:35:15 -0800

> Hello All;

       On the aftermarket studs/springs thread...... I use aftermarket springs
and studs whenever I can on all my SOHC 750 Hondas, the stock studs are pathetic
strength wise and I have had them pull apart like taffy at the stock setting of
16 ft/lbs. (not "snap" but pull apart)
    The aftermarket springs I got for the old SOHC are larger in dia than stock
and I have never had one break yet. Use aluminum retainers and keepers too (I
heard all the horror stories also :-) and no problems yet.  I have been told by a
very reputable and established cam grinder over here that the old SOHC has enough
lift as is, and the secret is in the duration .....I run stock lift (or close) on
all my race bikes so maybe thats whats saving me.....anyway I'm rambling...
Thanks for listening...
Joe the 750 Guy
Vancouver Island
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