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Re: [turbobike] Re:"D" shaped tool.

Wed, 1 Dec 1999 18:35:43 EST

In a message dated 11/30/99 9:19:12 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
bgoodwin@iquest.net writes:

> Use needle nose pliers to pull the screws out and then cut slots in them
>  for use with a regular screwdriver.

 Good idea, but in this case it's not an option.  I'll explain........
 I sell a carb kit for a certain model bike(staying nameless because I'm not 
trying to advertise on this list) it includes a set of shims, larger jets, 
and an adjustment tool, the kit is designed to eliminate a factory flat spot, 
and give better throttle response from idle.  I have orders for about 30 
kits, unfortunately the company who was supposed to supply the tool doesn't 
have them, and apparently can't get them.  This left me and my customers 
hanging in limbo. I'd hate to refund monies already received, and I'll need 
about 100 of these sockets. The tool is needed to get to the synch screws, 
which needs to be done on the bike.