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Re: [turbobike] aerodyne turbo

Bryan (bgoodwin@iquest.net)
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 23:23:11 -0500

Just add another base gasket to lower the compression. You won't need much
boost to make 200hp. One extra gasket will propably drop your compression
down to around 10:1. If you go too low on the compression, it will run like
a dog off boost. Keep high quality fuel in it and don't add any spark advance.

Definitely use the Aerodyne turbo - best for low hp street use.

At 12:46 AM 11/29/99 -0000, A Tyson wrote:
>   Thanks for the feed back everyone.  Perhaps a traditional blow through
>set up would be more  appropriate for my application. does any one have
>experience of blowing a ZZR 1100 or I think  ZX 1100 in U.S.A. ? Any info
>on turbo size, A/R ratio,compression, set up etc, all  greatfully recieved.
>P.S. I'm looking for around 200 RWHP.  P.P.S. I'm not using a standard ZZR
>frame, It's an Harris  Bro's ex endurance frame, I.e. more room to play
>with around  engine. Thanks again Tomsk. 
FZR1000 turbo EFI
(aka The Money Pit)