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Re: [turbobike] Compression Ratio

Jeffrey K. Churchill (jcperformance@juno.com)
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 21:27:36 -0500

  I probably missed the discusions on turbo compression ratios,...but
what is the 
theory behind reducing 'squish'  in a blown motor ?  Is it because you
don't really
need more turbulance in the chamber ?
  I've had some problems with detonation in the Harley  XL-1200  motor 
with  10.3
(cc'd)  to one  and 10 psi boost.   Solved it with water injection and
timing retard,  but
my original thinking was to maximize lower rpm efficiency and torque, 
one of the twin's 
  BTW   I did thermal coat the pistons,..which I'm  SURE  has enabled it
to survive all the 
experiments and tuning mistakes.  I'm anxious to take it apart to
look,...and fiqure I'll
gather as much info as possible for the first overhaul.


Jeff Churchill

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