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RE: [turbobike] Fastest Bike on the Planet?

Astorga, Diego (diega@eastman.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 19:20:16 -0400

Hi Dudes!:

Talkin' about fast bikes...

Does anybody know  Ted McIntyre?...
I'm reading a magazine from spain named "CAFE RACER", there is a note about
this guy, exactly, about his bike...
It's a bike built by Christian Travert (This guy made some works for MH
Billet Custom Design), and the power source is a turbine. The turbine (from
a Helicopter) is a Allison 250 C18. All the system generate 317 bHp, 59 mKg,
54000 rpm (!), with a virtual max. speed of 420 Km/h.... the times?...
200mph@5.4 seg.
If somebody knows something else about this, or wants some scanned pics from
this magazine, please let me know!...
Well, I think that's all...


GPz 750 turbo '84
ZX-11 '92 not turbocharged...yet...

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> Congrats on the record. Life must move pretty fast above 200??
> This may interest most everyone on the list.
> I know it's not a "turbo bike" but I also KNOW anyone who's interested in
> fast bikes will like this. 1350 HP >> 550 LBS >>225MPH in the 1/4. GASP!!
> After getting to this site hit "continue" ,at the bottom of the page, 3 or
> 4
> times for a nice listing of additional specs and details.
>  http://www.canosoarus.com/09JetBike/JetBike01.htm
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> Hi everyone just got home from Bonneville and I took home the production
>  class record of 201.7 mph.
>  The speed is a two pass average. The traction on the salt was not so good
>  and it was hard to keep the bike above 200 mph without braking traction
> the
>  max speed I had was 210 mph but I couldn't hold it through the traps.
>  Turbo Rick