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[turbobike] Re: Fuel Injection Choices?

Bryan (bgoodwin@iquest.net)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 20:50:02 -0500

I am currently using a Haltech F3. I found it used for about $400. It's
pretty simple and kind of old compared to new stuff but it works quite
well. I got my throttle bodies from Kinsler Fuel Injection in Troy, MI.

At 06:55 PM 10/24/99 PDT, Steve Leonard wrote:
>I am currently looking at getting an after market Fuel injection/ Ignition 
>system for my ZX-11. The current candidates I have located are:
>Simple Digital Systems   EM-2F     Canada
>Autronic    SMc2     Australia
>Electromotive  TEC II       Virginia  USA
>WolfEMC        Wolf3d        Australia/USA
>Haltech        E6S        Texas/Australia
>Anybody have any experience with any of these?
>I have experience with a MoTeC M4Pro system but they are WAY to
>Steve L.
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