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Re: [turbobike] t-2 turbo Buell

John Williamson (john.williamson5@virgin.net)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 18:37:44 +0100

What sort of wastegate do you have?

You could possibly set the boost lower for normal use and have a (horn?)
button to increase boost when you want it.
Tee into the air tube that goes to the wastgate from the plenum, and run it
too a small 12v air solenoid (available from hydraulic and airline
specialists) Wire it to open when you push the button, so that the boost
that is trying to open the wastgate escapes. You don't want too much to
escape or the boost will not be controlled at all. So fit a 'jet' or needle
valve into the end, and leave this pipe open to atmosphere.

Now low boost is as set up normally and high boost is as you set the needle
valve or jet.


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Subject: [turbobike] t-2 turbo Buell

> Dear fellow enthusiasts,
>     Just finished dyno testing the 1200 cc  Buell with new T-2 setup.
> 126  rear wheel HP  @  10 psi      105 ft lbs torgue       pump gas and
> water injection
> 143      rwHP    @   13 psi        117 ft lbs  torque    50/50  pump/race
>   +   water injection
>   The last  combo is fairly difficult to  use in the first three gears
> with the new Dunlop 207's
> Since it is a street bike  i don't want to consider chassis mods,...I'd
> love some advice on variable boost techniques.  I know it doesn't seem
> like much to you multi-cylinder overhead cam guys,....but hey,...its an
> old fashioned twin,....now 31,000  original miles too !
>    Can you tell I'm happy ?   The 55 mm  wheel base  makes it exciting !
> Thanks for listening
> Jeff Churchill
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> 11776    USA
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