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[turbobike] t-2 turbo Buell

Jeff Churchill (jcperformance@juno.com)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 12:55:32 edt

Dear fellow enthusiasts,
    Just finished dyno testing the 1200 cc  Buell with new T-2 setup.  
126  rear wheel HP  @  10 psi      105 ft lbs torgue       pump gas and
water injection
143      rwHP    @   13 psi        117 ft lbs  torque    50/50  pump/race
  +   water injection

  The last  combo is fairly difficult to  use in the first three gears 
with the new Dunlop 207's
Since it is a street bike  i don't want to consider chassis mods,...I'd
love some advice on variable boost techniques.  I know it doesn't seem
like much to you multi-cylinder overhead cam guys,....but hey,...its an
old fashioned twin,....now 31,000  original miles too !
   Can you tell I'm happy ?   The 55 mm  wheel base  makes it exciting !

Thanks for listening

Jeff Churchill

J.C. Performance    617-06  Bicycle Path   Port Jefferson Station   NY  
11776    USA
tech:  516-928-6679  or  516-928-9863
website:     http://www.jcperformance.com/