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Re: [turbobike] Hey fellas

Christer Johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 23:29:57 +0200

Regarding plenum size , the rule is the bigger the better.
A big plenum is more forgiving to errors in design. and will
make it easier to get equal flow to all carbs.
If You get the plenum well balanced (equal flow to all inlets),
the volume of the plenum isnīt so important as a motorcycle
engine is separate throttled.
When it comes to intercooler sizing for a motorcycle ,you canīt
go wrong, just fit the biggest possible. On a motorcycle it
is not possible to fit a big enough intercooler (at least not of the
air/air design). And it is area that cools the air.
Making it over 1 inch thick will not aid in cooling the air but make
it less restrictive in flow.

Iīm also interested in a priority breather valve.
You guys that have one your bikes ,canīt you post the dimensions
and maybe a pic here on the list??

ABNZX9@aol.com skrev:

> Speakin of a priority breather does anyoen have a source for one in the
> States?
> I am getting ready to do some rengineering of my system and would like to add
> one.Also can anyone give any suggestions as far as plenum size and
> intercooler sizing?
> thanx
> Glenn