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Re: [turbobike] RB racing???

Trevor Altman (tbone@blueridge.net)
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 22:02:48 -0400

Rino....No offense, but why bother turbo charging a Harley?  Just buy a ZX-6R and blow the
doors off of a 150 HP Harley! (for 1/3 of the $...and it won't leak oil!)


> I am Rino from Norway.
> I am new at this list, but i noticed that other people out there had problems with RB.
> I have been waiting 3 1/2 years for my Turbo kit, to my Harley.
> Have anyone actually received what they ordered from RB? And after how long time?
> Ride safe, turbo power.
> Rino
> (Apology for my writing errors)