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Re: [turbobike] RB racing???

Trevor Altman (tbone@blueridge.net)
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 21:59:23 -0400

You will be more challenged to find someone who has actually received something from RB
than someone who has not been absolutely ripped off!  We are currently in process of legal
action against Bob Behn (the guy who some people will claim is a turbo "guru")!  If you
are interested in details of how to persue further legal action, E-mail me and I will fill
you in!

For some reason, everyone seems content to "roll-over" and claim "he knows what he's
talking about, but we just can't get anything out of him."  Let the numbers speak for
themselves...HRC and Mr. Turbo have records in the books!  Joe Haile will tell you that
Bob Behn provides "Indy Car Quality" turbo systems....but "off the record" will tell you
he doesn't know anyone that hasn't been ripped by RB Racing.  Does this sound suspicious?
Our lawyers think so.........


> I am Rino from Norway.
> I am new at this list, but i noticed that other people out there had problems with RB.
> I have been waiting 3 1/2 years for my Turbo kit, to my Harley.
> Have anyone actually received what they ordered from RB? And after how long time?
> Ride safe, turbo power.
> Rino
> (Apology for my writing errors)