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[turbobike] Turbo Track Fun

Jerry (jerry@spoon0.demon.co.uk)
Mon, 17 May 1999 15:42:10 +0100

True enough. (Foggy straight lines etc).


I rode a Turbo 7-11 on a track one afternoon after a full 
morning on the road. And as with any thing power is 
nothing without control.

I went faster on a bike with better brakes and flatter 
(also less) power than I did on the 7-11. 

But that would be my lack of experience with the bike, and
you would need the correct track to bike set-up obviously
(gearing, boot, tyres, morphine............)

But  coming out a corner rear end spinning up with
30-40% power to go, was defiantly a full on grinning 
moment, most of the other bikes seemed to go in reverse
on the straights.......

Just like my bank account on tiers.

Shame it wasn't my bike........