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Re: [turbobike] Turbo Track Fun

Tue, 18 May 1999 09:27:04 +0200

>But  coming out a corner rear end spinning up with
>30-40% power to go, was defiantly a full on grinning
>moment, most of the other bikes seemed to go in reverse
>on the straights.......

It seems then from what you say that given a bit of set up and getting 
used to the blower, my trackdays times will get a little better, but 
the really important issue, the GRIN factor, will increase dramatically!
I'm confident too that having ridden this bike for a couple of years 
already, the addition of a turbo unit will do no major harm to the 
'feel'. I had a brief discussion on the ixion list a while ago about 
this but came to no conclusion as to whether a 600cc turbocharged bike 
(160hp/170kg) would ride similar to a stock R1 (150hp/170kg). The 
insinuation by the other party was that the T6 would be all over the 
shop as the boost came in, the Yam's power being put down more 
progressively. This may be true, but I'll have the happiest pants!