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[turbobike] Re: Faster steering ZX9R B1

Mon, 17 May 1999 15:59:06 +0200

That's true, I suppose, it's just that I have never seen anyone mention 
anything other than engine mods on the list. I wouldn't mind if I could 
read it! I too presume that corner speed is the main area where circuit 
racers can win/lose. I also presume, as the turbo hasn't made it onto 
the 6 yet, that major power hikes on a production bike through 
turbo/nitrous systems may well entirely screw up corner speeds, as 
getting on the gas early with boost could be interesting without a 
strong outside leg and friendly tyres. I speak from a position of total 
ignorance however. Have you tried the same bike on a track, 
with/without blower? Did the lap times come down dramatically? I'd like 
to see how much I'm going to regret doing this mod!
PS I think Mr Foggy is finding out this season that terminal speed is 
pretty important too, as the Duke hasn't, it seems to this impartial 
amateur viewer, have the power to get by the Kwaks and Hondas. Dropping 
into and driving out of corners is just fine, but as soon as it 
straightens up, the bike's struggling. Don't flame me on this, just 
making an observation. Yes I know he's top of the championship, but he 
can't catch 'em once they're past.

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>Well I thought going round corners faster would be fairly important to going
>fast, ask C. Forgarty.
>Depending on where you live................
>Its got nothing to do with turbos eighter way, apart from space.
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>>I don't know about you guys, but I'm not getting any of this. The text
>>comes through as a bin attachment. If it's a question about how to make
>>a......., I suggest dropping the bars through 6-8mm. If not, forget I
>>PS And I thought this was a GO faster list.....