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Re: [turbobike] CV carb jetting

Jeff Churchill (jcperformance@juno.com)
Tue, 11 May 1999 10:57:19 edt

    Been there,....etc etc   First make sure the turbo is ok,...no bent
vanes, etc.   You need a #48  slow jet,....drilled out idle port ( 1
drill size)   heavier slide spring,...N72V  needle with the last  .250" 
of the tip thinned 1mm.  You should have 3- 3 1/2  lbs fuel pressure, and
a float bowl extension for more capacity.  Start with a #245  main.  You
need an agressive ignition curve with 28 -30 degrees total,...and a
retard of   5  - 15  degrees at 4 or 5 lbs of boost  depending on max
   You're in the ballpark,....tweak from there,...use race gas for color
and plug checks. Seriously consider upgrading the turbo to a Garrett
T-2,......WAY BETTER,....CHEAPER, RELIABLE,  etc.   I gave Aerocharger
every chance and then some,....great idea,...too delicate for the
dynamics of big twins.
  I call it like i see it first hand,....

Jeff Churchill

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On Mon, 10 May 1999 10:43:30 -0500 Doug Cutler <DCutler@Mundaca.com>
>I have a Buell with an Aerocharger. The kit is designed around stock 
>heads. When I did my install I put in dual plugs and had the heads 
>ported. Flow chart shows about 35% improvement across the board. The 
>carb is a blow thru. Problem: At idle with a #45 jet I seem to be a 
>little rich, burbles on take off but clears out fairly quickly. Idle 
>jet screw has almost no effect on idle speed. (factory recommends 48 
>jet).  At about 4000 rpm I have the opposite problem, it flat runs out 
>of fuel, but picks up and staggers  to about 5000 rpm where it lays 
>over altogether. Main jet is drilled out  to 235 (?) .  Float set at 
>.550 , electric fuel pump. Diaphram OK. Any ideas ?        Swamp 
>Boogie Doug