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RE: [turbobike] CV carb jetting

The LaVigne's (valerie@impulsedata.net)
Tue, 11 May 1999 02:53:14 -0700

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Subject: [turbobike] CV carb jetting

I have a great idea!!!  Buy a Suzuki!!!  Just a little humor there...Buell's
are cool too!!!

I have a Buell with an Aerocharger. The kit is designed around stock
heads. When I did my install I put in dual plugs and had the heads
ported. Flow chart shows about 35% improvement across the board. The
carb is a blow thru. Problem: At idle with a #45 jet I seem to be a
little rich, burbles on take off but clears out fairly quickly. Idle
jet screw has almost no effect on idle speed. (factory recommends 48
jet).  At about 4000 rpm I have the opposite problem, it flat runs out
of fuel, but picks up and staggers  to about 5000 rpm where it lays
over altogether. Main jet is drilled out  to 235 (?) .  Float set at
.550 , electric fuel pump. Diaphram OK. Any ideas ?        Swamp
Boogie Doug