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Re: [turbobike] cam settings

Christer Johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Sun, 09 May 1999 10:11:42 +0200

Christer Johansson skrev:

> I used 108in , 106ex on my old combo wich was a street setup (270hp)
> using a Garrett T03. maybe itīs because the Rayay turbo in the Mr turbo kit
> is so sluggish (inefficient) that they recommend a lobe centerline of 103-103.
> This would give a faster spool up of the turbo compared to a "higher" LC.
> Cam settings will vary too much between different setups too make any
> comsumptions from other setups. There are many different factors
> that combined will determine wich is the optimal cam setting,
> one big player is the size of the exhaust housing (amount of backpressure)
> others are ,valve lash, exhaust pipes length and diameter, ignition timing etc
> etc.
> I got an idea when planning a drag motor once, if You use a two step rev limiter
> (stage/top) You could connect the stageing limiter to a timing retard ,retarding
> the timing some 20 degrees or more would give alot of heat thus spooling up
> the turbo much faster, the moment You let go of the clutch the timing would
> change back to the normal mode. That way You could run a higher LC helping
> top end power but still have some power off the line.......... just an idea.
> Christer
> GSXRTurbo1@aol.com skrev:
> > Thanks to all for your replies. There is much discrepency in what to set the
> > cams at:
> > Mr. Turbo recommends 103 103, Rick suggested 110 110, etc etc. Seeing how
> > Rick has made much HP with his combo, I would tend to give his suggestions
> > more weight. I'll probably go with a compromise, though, something like 106
> > IN 107 EX. I'll eventually experiment with the settings, trying one cam at a
> > time from 102-112 lobe centers. Thanks again for your responses.