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Re: [turbobike] GPZ Turbo INFO Needed.

Lorcan Parnell (lorcan@globalnet.co.uk)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 14:57:43 +0100

Hi Tony,

Nice to see you share some enthusiasm for this bike. Regarding "What works",
it would depend on what you want to use it for, mainly this means how
streetable you want the bike to remain, and how much you want to use it for
racing and if so, what type. In other words, "what works" for me may not
work for you. Mike at H.U. has taken the streetbike route about as far as it
can go, ending up with a 250hp streetbike with manners. My own bike is for
drag racing, will eventually yield more power but is not streetable at all.
Mike is also constructing a 750 turbo dragbike.
Regarding what has been done, well, almost anything that has been done on
any other bike. Read the HU catalog carefully for streetbike use. My
dragbike has had every part except the front wheel modified or replaced,
almost entirely with "one-off" parts. I cannot list every part here, but
every single part on the bike, same as any other, can be made stronger,
lighter, better or be replaced. My advice for a starting point, if you need
one, is to start with the ECU.



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From: Tony J. <tscandal@pernet.net>
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Date: 25 April 1999 02:43
Subject: [turbobike] GPZ Turbo INFO Needed.

>T.J. here:
>     THANKS for the responses to my questions guys. Nice to know that
>there are STILL helpful people out there.  MIKE @ H.U. was who I am
>going to purchase the Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulator and the Blow-By
>valve from.
>      My REAL "Need to Know" is WHAT has someone else done to their GPZ
>750 Turbo bike, and  WHAT WORKS?  I'm still in the deciding, WHICH way
>to go,mode.  I'm looking for "YOUR" experiences in modifying this
>bike/motor combo.  I guess what I wanna know is WHAT changes have YOU
>done and did it work? How did it work? What was the Major problem with
>with this change? Etc Etc.
>     I would really like to know "WHAT" worked for the people that have
>previously modified the '84--'85 GPZ Turbo, so that I can get an idea of
>the direction that I would like to go.   AGAIN, good people,
> THANKS A BUNCH for your TIME and EFFORT in this matter.
>__ T.J. __