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[turbobike] GPZ Turbo INFO Needed.

Tony J. (tscandal@pernet.net)
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 20:22:10 -0500

T.J. here:

     THANKS for the responses to my questions guys. Nice to know that
there are STILL helpful people out there.  MIKE @ H.U. was who I am
going to purchase the Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulator and the Blow-By
valve from.
      My REAL "Need to Know" is WHAT has someone else done to their GPZ
750 Turbo bike, and  WHAT WORKS?  I'm still in the deciding, WHICH way
to go,mode.  I'm looking for "YOUR" experiences in modifying this
bike/motor combo.  I guess what I wanna know is WHAT changes have YOU
done and did it work? How did it work? What was the Major problem with
with this change? Etc Etc.   
     I would really like to know "WHAT" worked for the people that have
previously modified the '84--'85 GPZ Turbo, so that I can get an idea of
the direction that I would like to go.   AGAIN, good people,
 THANKS A BUNCH for your TIME and EFFORT in this matter.
__ T.J. __