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[turbobike] American Turbo Systems

Jurgen Mausch ("jmausch@collisionanalysis.com")
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 08:26:57 -0600

I was looking for a turbo kit for the 96-97 GSXR-750.
I came across ATS and was wondering if anyone had any experiences with them
Good, bad or indifferent.

The kit is rather costly at $5000.00 (w/o FI), I was thinking that I could 
put some
together for much less. Do you think I'm wrong by the time one gets all the 
bugs worked out?

Is there any one else in North America that is making a kit for this bike 
that anyone
knows of?

Where is the best location to bleed off the excess boost in a blow through 
system; at the turbo, before the intercooler, after the intercooler, or at 
the intake plenum.

One finial question is there a pop off valve that can be set at two 
different pressure settings and then switched between the two the pressures 
with an electrical switch?