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Re: [turbobike] custom turbo headers

sebastian (nxtlvlrcng@email.msn.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 22:02:00 -0700

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From: Trevor Altman <tbone@blueridge.net>
To: Rick <gsxr1100@ptw.com>
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Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 7:50 PM
Subject: Re: [turbobike] custom turbo headers

What turbo is supplied with this kit you speak of? Is it intercooled. What
is the ar ratio of the exhaust housing? How big is your motor and what
compression. And now for the 60+ hp gaIN WITH 6 PSI???????hMMMMMMM I have to
question that just alittle!!!!

>Rick...You obviously have not seen the potential of these systems!
>My bike put up 312 hp @ "almost" 20psi!  This is with the initial map
>supplied by HRC, and not running very well.  I have since ran the bike
>up to 26 psi (where a street tire soon becomes useless) , unfortunately
>not on a dyno.  I am very sure I will be at or over 375 hp (like all
>other bikes with these systems that I have witnessed on the dyno).
>I have seen the dyno charts of Kent Stotz' at 466hp, which I'm sure you
>all have seen advertised.  I have been in the other lane when this bike
>goes through the traps at over 180mph in a 1/4 mile.  How long does it
>take your bike to get up to 204 mph?
>Exagerated?...I don't think so.
>Rick wrote:
>> You can expect about 375 rhp with the base turbo and single inj.
>> per cylinder system from HRC, and can modify up to around 450 rhp.
>> Both those figures are MAJORLY inflated
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