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Re: [turbobike] custom turbo headers

Trevor Altman (tbone@blueridge.net)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 22:40:02 -0400

Rick...You obviously have not seen the potential of these systems!

My bike put up 312 hp @ "almost" 20psi!  This is with the initial map
supplied by HRC, and not running very well.  I have since ran the bike
up to 26 psi (where a street tire soon becomes useless) , unfortunately
not on a dyno.  I am very sure I will be at or over 375 hp (like all
other bikes with these systems that I have witnessed on the dyno).

I have seen the dyno charts of Kent Stotz' at 466hp, which I'm sure you
all have seen advertised.  I have been in the other lane when this bike
goes through the traps at over 180mph in a 1/4 mile.  How long does it
take your bike to get up to 204 mph?

Exagerated?...I don't think so.

Rick wrote:

> You can expect about 375 rhp with the base turbo and single inj.
> per cylinder system from HRC, and can modify up to around 450 rhp.
> Both those figures are MAJORLY inflated
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