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Jeff Churchill (jcperformance@juno.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 12:50:36 edt

   Even out of production pistons can be custom made relatively
cheaply,....you just need specs,...some patience,...and  about  $150 ea

Jeff Churchill

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On Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:34:49 -0000 "Abraham Mara" <AbeFM@dis.member.org>
>I have a rajay turbo from a "turbo city" kit, from 1980 or so, and 
>it's the
>same design, though I don't care much for the intake and exaust 
>headers, it
>seems to work pretty well.  The plugs don't stay all that clean 
>however.  Do
>you know the model number of the carb they used?  Where did you get 
>pistons?  I seem to have lots of problems finding pistons for the 
>bike, that
>don't require either the stock bore, or resleeving, as far as low
>compression forged parts go.
>            -Abe.
>> Hello  everyone, I also think that people are also missing a very
>> way of turbocharging, last season, I bought a new Mr. Turbo for my 
>> 1428cc KZ1000.  In the newer kits, they will use one of the new 
>Mikuni HSR
>> "Harley" carbs to draw through instead of a S&S carb.  I was not 
>> forward to fouling plugs and general lag, setup pain associated with 
>> draw-through systems, but the HSR worked excellent, not one bad plug 
>> year, I did burn-up 2 sets of valve seals though in about  1600