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[turbobike] 600f3 first dyno T-2 turbo

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:50:54 -0400

    Had my first bike dyno experience yesterday, 11 hours - long day.
Anyway, have the CBR600 F3 blowthrough with stock carbs and T-2 turbo.

    First half of the day couldn't get the bike to rev past 6000 showing
way lean, 4lbs of boost and fuel pressure = boost pressure.  Regulator
not working?  It is, finally tracked it down to the popoff valve stuck
open.  Of all the luck, half day kissed off.

    Anyway, fixed that, 10lbs of boost, and a set of 165 170 170 165
mains and 1 slide hole plugged, stock needles full rich + 2 shims,  got
it to run rich until 6500, go lean off of the guage then sputter to
about 8500 and go full rich again, but pulled to redline and made 115 hp
(8:1 compression) from 89 stock (12:1).  Dropped the mains to 160 165
165 160 and unplugged the slide hole, as soon as it saw a load, the
slides opened (I'm assuming) and bike saw full mains at about 3000 rpm
and fouled all the plugs.  No plugs in stock, 7:00pm, so we called it a

    Learned a lot about the CV carbs.  Will be fixing up a few annoying
glitches and trying again soon.  The plan is to put the needles back to
stock position, plug the slide hole again.  Any suggestions on the big
lean spot between 6500-8500?