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Re: [turbobike] carburation vs fuel injection

Christer Johansson (christer.johansson@mbox383.swipnet.se)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 17:29:36 +0200

Yes Iīm enjoying this to, but iīm a bit frustrated to see that You
wont accept the facts...hehe
Why didnīt You answer to all my statements in the last mail?
I was talking about modern days bike carbs ,besides fuel injection
has been around equally long.
Well I think I have proven My point over and over again, thereīs not
much more I can do about it...
Not all EFIīs can be adjusted individually.
I just knew You would mention Terry Kizers bike!
But is his bike also a GSXR 1127 with the same turbo setup,
just with EFI instead ? No it aint , You cant compare
apples and peerīs ,now can You?
Please explain to Me  why it is that an EFI will make more power
than a carb setup that works right!
Well I already now the answer to that ,IT WONT.

regards / Christer

Lorcan Parnell skrev:

> Hi Christer, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am! hehe...
> >To make full use of a EFI setup you would really need to know what You are
> doing
> and use all types of sensors, otherwise it will be more primitive than any
> carb
> setup.
> and carbs aren't primitive? Only been around 100 years...
> >I know what a MAP sensor is ,I work with dynoing engines at a engine
> research
> center.
> Then you should have kicked my ass on this discussion by now - I'm an
> amateur!
> >Yes some sofisticated EFIīs can adjust for different flows but then You
> would
> need
> a map sensor in every inlet rubber, on a carb setup the stronger signal will
> just pull
> more fuel in that carb, nothing of major concern but nevertheless.
> No, you could just adjust the fueling/ignition on each cylinder against a
> brake dyno.
> >Yes Your van have EFI (to clear emission laws) but a Yamaha R1
> (who makes 150hp/litre) doesent , understand My point?
> Yes, now I do.
> >You may be able to buy an ECU for Ģ650 and injectors for Ģ15 ,but I doubt
> that John Doe can walk into an speed shop and get a nice EFI setup for that
> amount.
> I AM that John Doe! No, I didn't walk into a speed shop, i just hunted
> around.
> >Besides you need alot more than ECU and injectors, throttle bodies and a
> box
> full of
> sensors ,wires ,not the cheapest stuff around. The carbs are already on the
> bike
> True, but you are coming back to cost, the one point I concede.
> >How fast do I wanna go? well the old setup easily made 200mph and the new
> one
> is more powerful. As I said in an earlier mail Mark Moisan out of texas made
> 429hp
> ...and Terry Kizer made 494 on his EFI ZX11...
> Cheers
> Lorcan