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[turbobike] carburation vs fuel injection

george kalogeropoulos (gixx1100@yahoo.com)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 20:00:57 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everyone,well i'm trying to make the decision weather I should go
carbs or fuel injection....My friend is telling me don't bother with
carbs because i'm going to have a very hard time with the
jetting.Nobody knows how to turbo/carb tune up here in Montreal !
He says with fuel injection I would have complete control over
tuning/timing/boost etc.The system cost about 1450.00$ cnd money .How
much money do I need to  tune the carbs,do I need to buy a jet kit of
some kind?Is it really that much of a pain to jet?
If so,what kind of jet kit do I buy?And what's the story with reshapped
needle?That I've never heard of?Do I have to fabricate them?Alot of
guys are running carb turbo,do they idle well.When boost starts isn't
there a sudden spike in  manifold pressure?Doesn't this cause a problem
for jetting?
This one go's out to the turbo carb guys....
Thanks everyone!!!

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