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Re: [turbobike] Resend ZX-11 bigger turbo calcs

Lorcan Parnell (lorcan@mail.globalnet.co.uk)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 17:30:30 +0100


this turbo is definitely too small for a ZX-11. A good condition unit makes
12psi, 98-102 rwhp at 9800 rpm and fills up the little triangles on the
guage by 6000rpm, but there are plenty of these bikes around with worn
turbos, and plenty of companies who say they can recondition them, but
can't. If the turbo is still good you should be able to sell it and buy a
car one and still have money left over! I sold mine off my 5000 miler for
550 (about $850 US). A new one from Kawasaki is 1300!

If you are looking for a car turbo a Garrett T2 or T3 would be ok. You might
want to get the MrTurbo oil pan modification too, and some carillos,
nitrous....  ;)


750 turbo, 9.45@140 GSXR eater!

>Your calculations look very close it would be a waist of time to put that
>on the bike.
>Diego what you should do is find someone that wants to turbo a 600cc or
>750cc bike and sell it to him it's a fine turbo for that size motor
>I think the tubro GPZ only made 95 HP