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[turbobike] Resend ZX-11 bigger turbo calcs

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 09:56:37 -0400

    Ballpark estimates:  The guys on this list can probably tell you how
out to
lunch the numbers are, here goes:

    The GPz turbo is good for 200cfm at 12000 rpm 10 lbs of boost on
your old
bike.  Do you know what it made for HP?  I can use this to get the
a little more accurate by back calculating the volumetric efficiency..
I calced 145-155
HP for an engine this size (assuming modern volumetric efficiency #'s)
on a 70 deg day.
    Your ZX-11 needs over 320 cfm for 10lbs of boost at 13000, looks
like over
230 HP.  It needs 200cfm stock (without a turbo).  The GPz turbo is a
I'm betting it's too small.
    Try and scavenge a  turbo from a 2200cc car that redlined around
6500 rpm,
this would be an exact match for your motor, cfm wise (317cfm at
10lbs).  A lot
of the car turbos have built in wastegates, saves you $ there also.
Don't be
afraid to unclip the housings and turn them so they line up better for
install, even re-mount the wastegate actuator if you need to.
    Remember, these calculations are from a spreadsheet I made (I don't
know what I'm doing)  using PV=nRT, so they could be waaay out to
lunch.  The
numbers seem  to be pretty close.

Good luck,

Dave Morrill wrote:


> Subject: RE: [turbobike] ZX-11 turbocharged! - bigger turbo?
> Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 05:51:51 -0400
> From: "Astorga, Diego Marcelo" <diega@eastman.com>
> To: "'Dave Morrill'" <david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com>,
>      "'bike'" <turbobike@natvideo.com>
> Hi Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
> These are the specs that you will need:
> ZX-11:
> Bore x Stroke: 2,99 x 2,58 (inches)
> Max RPM:13000
> Boost PSI: 10 (Don't laugh!)
> GPz 750:
> Bore x stroke (inches): 2,598 x 2,126
> Max RPM: 12000
> Boost PSI: 10
> If you need something else, just tell me...
> As you see, I'm not lookin' for too much power...but, anyways, maybe
> next weekend I will try to find out a junkyard turbo...
> Well, thanx for your attention...
> Read ya later guys!!....
> Diego!.