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RE: [turbobike] RB RACING SCAMS

Astorga, Diego Marcelo (diega@eastman.com)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 06:22:42 -0400

Hola guys!!!:

Before to put him in jail.....
Could I download the Autocal software from somewhere???...
Could somebody send it to me??...
I need it just to learn...

Read ya later.....


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> From:	Trevor Altman [SMTP:tbone@blueridge.net]
> Sent:	Thursday, April 15, 1999 8:54 PM
> To:	turbobike
> Subject:	[turbobike] RB RACING SCAMS
> RB Racing has nothing to do with turbo systems!  They are professional
> thieves! I'm also wondering if Joe Haile has something to do with this??? 
> Why does anyone say anything good about this company?  They have yet to
> produce anything impressive, and I don't know anyone that has dealt with
> Bob Behn that has not been absolutely ripped off! 
> The California Better Business Bureau and California State Attorney
> General have numerous complaints against RB Racing and have recently
> contacted Bob Behn about his business practices.  Please contact these
> organizations and let them know your story.  I have the address and phone
> numbers if you need them. 
> I am currently in the early stages of legal action against RB Racing. If
> anyone is interested in joining me, please send me a message
> (tbone@blueridge.net). 
> Bob Behn has ripped off enough people.  Lets put him in jail where he
> belongs.  Thanks!